Break down our shipping boxes and ice packs.

Our boxes can be recycled, and the inside of the box liners can be composted. Just break down your box to recycle and break down the biodegradable liners to add them to your compost. Open up our ice packs and use the inside to water your plants and recycle the outside lining.

Repurpose our caviar jars in a number of ways.

Some ways our customers have recycled our jars include: storing jewelry, making candles, the list goes on! Show us how you reuse your caviar jars, tag us @thecaviarco.

Our farmed caviar comes from sustainable farms.

80% of the sturgeon is used, from the eggs all the way to the meat and skin. The meat is sent to Europe where they eat it on the regular, the skin is exported to make leather products, and the eggs are used as caviar.  These farms do not use wild sturgeon, they use their own broodstock.

Sustainably shop with us!