12 Days of Caviar

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Enter scene— this year’s most mouthwatering gift.

The new advent calendar from The Caviar Co. contains 12 drawers of 1oz tins of caviar and roe (perfect for two to enjoy), mother-of-pearl spoons, a tin key, and an exclusive recipe book to accompany each day’s delight. Best of all? The chic and festive packaging fits into your home refrigerator, just like a bottle of wine. 


A perfect present for foodies to indulge in day, after day, after day...Each Set Includes:


-1 copy of the "Cooking with Caviar" cookbook
-2 Mother of Pearl Spoons
-1 Gold Tin Key Keychain
-1oz Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar
-1oz Russian Osetra Caviar
-1oz Kaluga Hybrid Caviar
-1oz Siberian Sturgeon Caviar
-1oz Royal White Sturgeon Caviar
-1oz Classic White Sturgeon Caviar
-1oz Hackleback Caviar
-1oz Paddlefish Roe
-1oz Smoked Trout Roe
-1oz Trout Roe
-1oz Salmon Roe
-1oz Whitefish Roe


Retail Value: $875

*Refrigerate upon arrival


Air and heat are detrimental to caviar and roe. To maintain peak freshness, please store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator. The caviar will remain fresh for up to 4 - 6 weeks, refrigerated, and unopened.

Metal has an unpleasant effect on caviar. We recommend using mother of pearl, glass, wood, or gold for serving. Serve on ice to maintain the optimal taste and quality for you and your guests.

The best way to open your caviar tin is to use a strong, flat-edged tool between the lid and base of the tin, slowly twist. Once the caviar has been opened, please enjoy it within 4 days.