5 Year Store Anniversary & Department Highlights: Sales, Operations, and Shipping

Since opening our store 5 years ago, we have grown from a humble pair of 2 hustling sisters to a power team of 15 and counting. The world wants their caviar and we are happy to oblige! In our quest to feed caviar to mouths across the country, we’ve expanded our sales, events, marketing departments and even opened a second location.

 To celebrate our store anniversary, we’ve decided to feature our departments to give you all an idea of everything we do. Stick around to the end and you’ll find a special treat for yourself as well!




Our incredible sales team works directly with chefs all around the country to bring our caviar to their menus. We are the caviar experts, but it’s their culinary touch that brings this ingredient to life. Becca Frazier and Lauren de Leon are our wholesale reps and they are the ones to go to for any and all restaurant recs!


Tell me a little about your job and what your day typically looks like?

Becca: A typical day starts by reaching out to all of my chef friends to see if they need caviar for the week. From then, I make sure our inventory is up to par, oversee shipping and fulfillment, and make sure our chefs are well taken care of!

What is your favorite part of your job?

Lauren: I love that I get to meet so many cool chefs and visit their restaurants. From seeing all of the unique restaurant designs and concepts to occasionally getting a first look at a new restaurant before they're open to the public - it's all fun!

Alright, to the both of you:

Which caviar is the most popular amongst the chefs that you have seen?

Becca: Hands down our Kaluga Hybrid. Since the texture is so strong, it holds up to heat extremely well giving caviar an entirely new perspective of dish possibilities. It also tastes amazing!

Lauren: Yes, Kaluga Hybrid for sure. It's a chef favorite because of the firmer texture and its impressive size.

What is the most indulgent dish you’ve seen chefs make with our caviar?

Becca: I am most likely butchering the process of this dish but Californios is currently smoking our Kaluga Hybrid and adding it on top of grilled bananas. Just take my word for it- mind...blown.

Lauren: One of the most indulgent but also just one of my favorite caviar bites I've ever had would be at Akiko's in SF.  Chef/Owner Ray Lee makes this toasted shokupan with toro, Golden Kaluga Caviar, and gold leaf. 



It takes a lot to make sure our retail shop is running smoothly. That is where Anise Pourfarhani comes in as our Operations and Customer Relations Coordinator handling all orders that come in through our San Francisco Store. The orders that we receive online on the other hand, goes straight to Brennan Burke, our shipping manager who handles all orders that needs to be sent across the country.

Tell me a little about your job and what your day typically looks like! 

Anise: It varies a bit each day- which is one of the reasons I love my job! No two days are exactly the same- On any given day I may spend more time assisting customers questions/concerns via email, vs on other days, I may be focused more assisting our shipping team with packing/fulfilling orders, organizing incoming pick up and shipping orders, purchasing item(s) we need in our store.

Brennan:  I pretty much handle most of the order fulfillment. A typical day for me starts with organizing all the new orders that came in overnight while I was off the clock. I then receive all the product we receive from our warehouse and pull whatever is  needed for each order so our inventory can stay as accurate as possible. Finally, I ship all the orders that needed for the day and hand deliver to restaurants/customers within SF.


What is the coolest thing you’ve done since joining The Caviar Co.? 

Anise: Seeing my ideas come to reality! Most recently, my idea to add macarons into our Emerald Caviar Club shipment to pair with our caviar- we received some great compliments from some of our members that loved it!

Brennan: I would say that the coolest part of my  job is getting to go into all the Michelin rated restaurants we work with and be able to chat with talented chefs everyday.



We are so excited to share our team with you and see how far we’ve come. Be sure to check out Part 2 of our department highlights to learn more about the rest of our team! And join us this March to celebrate 5 years in San Francisco with our Store Anniversary Sale with 25% off all Imperial Golden Osetra sizes with our limited edition golden label. Those interested can stop by our store today, make a reservation to our tasting room, or visit our site to enjoy our sale!

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