Easter Brunch & Department Highlights: Marketing, Events, and Tiburon

We’ve covered Sales, Operations, and Shipping, but that is only half of our amazing team. To celebrate our upcoming Easter Brunch, we wanted to showcase the work of our Marketing, Events, and Tiburon Team and if you haven’t seen Part 1 of our Department Highlights, check that out here now! 




How did you first hear about The Caviar Co? A post on Instagram? An ad in the magazine? Chances are this is thanks to our amazing marketing team. Our marketing team is a triple threat with Hope Budman, Lauren Yee, and Amanda Danku being responsible for our growing social media presence, content creation, and creating all the sales you know and love!

Tell us a little about your job and what your day typically looks like!

Lauren: My job is to handle all things marketing! I work closely with our paid ads team as well as our partnerships PR team to get marketing campaigns off the ground and executed. Whether that entails creating emails, SMS texts, vetting pr lists, writing blog posts, designing our print media ads, the list goes on.

Amanda: I am the social media manager and event marketing coordinator here. Typically a day for me looks like posting and checking on our social media, working on content, and making sure everything is on track for our marketing calendar!

What is the coolest thing you’ve done since joining The Caviar Co?

Lauren: I was able to work this incredible holiday party at City Hall. City Hall is already such a beautiful space, but they had an interior designer come in with some incredible furniture and decorations to spruce it up. They had our caviar along with a whiskey bar, a candle making booth, and 20+ other stations throughout the Hall. It is certainly giving me ideas for our own company parties!

What holiday are you excited to celebrate caviar with?

Amanda: I love to celebrate ALL holidays with caviar! We have so many exciting events planned for upcoming holidays so I really can’t pick just one! Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Mother’s Day. Honestly any reason to celebrate with caviar is reason enough for me!



Carnivals, winery partnerships, weddings… We’ve done them all! Champagne isn’t the only thing that goes well with caviar. We’ve partnered with cruise lines, vodka brands, even luxury car brands like Lamborghini to create memorable caviar experiences. Tess Roletti, our resident Events and Partnerships Manager definitely knows how to throw a party and she is in charge of bringing our caviar to all the hottest functions around the country.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Tess: The best part of my job is getting to work with The Caviar Co. team. Every day I am inspired by all the women I work alongside and the company that we have built. I constantly feel like I am a part of something truly special. The second best part of my job is getting to travel and meet new people, all while talking about and eating the best caviar in the world.

What is the coolest thing you’ve done since joining The Caviar Co?

Tess: I'd have to say serving caviar at Paris Hilton's wedding was top-notch. 

What would be the dream event you would like to bring our caviar to?

Tess: My dream is to service our caviar in The Chase Center for Warriors games. I'm a major fan, so that would definitely blow me away.



Tiburon/Food and Beverage:

Our Tiburon Champagne and Caviar Tasting Room opened March 2022 as a space for guests to come and relax while learning about our expansive collection of caviars and roes. Led by Stuart Sandquist in the kitchen and Sarah McKinney in the dining room and  bar, the possibilities for the space are endless

Tell us a little about your job and what your day typically looks like!

Stuart: I’m the Chef de Cuisine here at our Tasting Room where I am responsible for all things kitchen related back here. Ordering produce, making food for guests, developing menus for special events, that is all me! On a typical day, I may stop by our Union St. location to pick up caviar and then go into Tiburon. Once I arrive, I set up the kitchen so it is ready for service, and prep any last minute food items before we open and have a full day of service!

What is the coolest thing about working at The Caviar Co.?

Sarah: Honestly, eating more caviar in the last 3 months than I have my whole life! 

Stuart: I mean I’ve just started, but I mean I work at a caviar tasting room. What more do I need to say?

What is something you would not expect would go well with caviar, but does? 

Sarah: Tequila. Try it, you’d be surprised.



Whew, check out our Marketing, Events, and Tiburon team. It is incredible how many things they are able to do, but the most important thing is that we do it all for you!

Join us on April 17th from 10-6 PM to celebrate Easter with a specially curated Easter Brunch at our Tiburon Tasting Room & Marketplace! Complete with an easter egg hunt, deviled eggs, waffles, pastries, purple aviation cocktails, and mimosas... there’s something for everyone. Bring the whole family, enjoy Main St., and make your reservation today!


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