Shopping with The Caviar Co. means shopping sustainably. 

With 63% of wild sturgeon species identified as endangered, the U.S Government has set regulations to protect these populations; using the Endangered Species Act of 1973, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services banned the fishing of sturgeon listed as a threatened or endangered species. 
In response, caviar farms worldwide have adopted aquaculture practices to raise sturgeon broodstock sustainably, meaning no fish are taken from the wild. Additionally, all the farms we partner with at The Caviar Co. must utilize at least 80% of the fish when harvested (In comparison, only 40% of a salmon can be utilized).
Did you know that along with their harvestable eggs and meat, sturgeon skin can be used to make leather? In fact, fish leather is nine times stronger than its traditional counterpart.

As proud as we are to work with these sustainable farms, our environmental efforts do not end there. We have created a thoughtful cascade of sustainable fulfillment practices with 100% recyclable shipping boxes and compostable packaging. Now, from the farm to your table, you can enjoy one of Earth’s finest delicacies with a clean conscience.

 Please follow the steps below to properly recycle your caviar packaging and help us do our part:

Breaking Down our Shipping Box

Each shipment is packed in a recyclable box with insulated liners to ensure your order arrives at the peak of freshness. After placing your caviar or roe in the refrigerator:

  1. Remove the insulated liners, break down the box, and put it in your weekly recycling.
  2. Cut open the liner to reveal the compostable, mineral-based fiber.
  3. Compost this inner material and recycle the outer wrapper. 

If you plan to bring your caviar to a party or gathering, save our packaging for easy transportation! The caviar will last 48 hours in the box with completely frozen ice packs.

Reuse and Recycle our Ice Packs

Not only do our ice packs keep your caviar at its optimal temperature, maintaining its quality, but they can also be reused and disposed of sustainably. Like our shipping liners, you will want to cut open the ice pack and recycle the plastic wrapper. The inside gel is made from a non-toxic, biodegradable material and can be buried next to your plants for time-released watering.

Repurpose our Caviar Jars

Our caviar jars and tins are recyclable, but you can also reuse them in various creative ways. Some of our favorites include: 

  • storing jewelry
  • organizing office supplies
  • making candles
  • travel containers
  • organizing your spices/pantry
  • storing paint, beads, or art supplies
  • caviar tin sewing kit

The list goes on! Show us how you reuse your caviar jars and tag us @thecaviarco.

Sturgeon species have been on this planet for 250 million years, and it's our duty to help preserve those in the wild and allow them to flourish.

Shop sustainably with us!