With summer quickly (and finally!) approaching, we put together the perfect addition to any outdoor get-together...

Complete with our favorite duo of Hackleback Caviar and Smoked Trout Roe, this picnic tote is perfect for hot summer days. This trendy canvas and wicker tote is not your grandma's picnic basket and is one you will actually want to be seen carrying this summer.

We even threw in a picnic blanket, so you can sport The Caviar Co. and stay cozy wherever you have your next caviar affair.

This tote also includes plates, silverware, and a pair of champagne glasses for you and your picnic pals to pop some bubbly and enjoy the delicious pairing of cold bubbles and caviar.

The Caviar Party Picnic Tote also works as a great gift for summer birthdays, anniversaries, and weekend getaways. With our Memorial Day 25% off sale, this tote is also only $125.

Grab yours today, available both in-store and online.