Truffle Shuffle: Soft Scramble and Caviar 


- 6 eggs

- 1 oz butter (for toasting brioche)

- 1oz butter (for eggs)

- 2-3 Tablespoons of Sour cream

- 1oz Caviar, we used our Imperial Golden Osetra

- 1 jar of Truffle Carpaccio

- 4 slices of La Boulangerie croissant brioche

- 1 bunch of Chives


1. Remove eggs from the fridge and allow them to temper.

2. Finely slice the chives, place them in a bowl and cover with a wet paper towel.

3. Chop half of the Truffle Carpaccio.

4. Preheat the oven to 350F.

How to Cook:

1. Heat the 1oz butter (for toasting brioche) in the non-stick pan over medium-low heat until foamy.

2. Toast the brioche slices on both sides, remove from the pan and place them on the sheet tray lined with aluminum foil.

3. Crack three eggs into the small bowl and whisk with a fork; season with Balinese Truffle Salt.

4. Place the beaten eggs into the 2qt pot, add ½ of butter (for eggs) to the 3 eggs and place over medium-low heat.

5. Place the toast in the oven and cook for 2-3 minutes.

6. Cook, whisking constantly, until the curds are small and soft.

7. Remove the pot from the heat and add a spoonful of sour cream and the previously chopped portion of Truffle Carpaccio.

8. Plate the soft scrambled eggs with two slices of toast.  Garnish the eggs with slices of Truffle Carpaccio and caviar, finish with chives and a touch more Balinese Truffle Salt.

9. Clean 2qt pot before repeating with the other three eggs and eat!

Truffle Shuffle Soft Scrambled Egg with Caviar
Truffle Shuffle Soft Scrambled Egg with Caviar