The long-awaited Erin Hupp x The Caviar Co. server is here!

Like the Michelin-decorated chefs we work with, the quality of tableware you present your caviar in should match that of the roe itself. We found an absence of intentionally crafted caviar servers that are still practical for at-home use, so we set out to create the vessel of our dreams. Enter local ceramic artist Erin Hupp. A prominent artisan in the San Francisco restaurant landscape, Erin’s hand-thrown work can be found on the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the city, from Californios to Nightbird. We were thrilled when Erin was just as excited about the collaboration. The brainstorming soon began at The Caviar Co. Champagne Lounge in Tiburon over a decadent spread of caviar and bubbles.

Inspired by the caviar pearl, our bespoke caviar server is versatile and elegant – made to be practical but stand out with its artfully crafted shape and tantalizing texture. Perfect for an intimate night in or as the centerpiece for a fabulous party, this server is multifaceted and can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. As a stacked set, the bottom of the caviar server holds your ice, while the organic fold rests on top, presenting your caviar.

Note: Our preferred way is to nestle your caviar jar or tin in rock salt to create a stunning visual.

2.    When separated, you can use the pieces simultaneously. Fill the bottom portion with ice and use the top piece to hold your accoutrement of choice, like blini, chips, or latkes.

3.    The two pieces can also be used as individual caviar servers to create a thoughtful and cohesive look. One of the many beautiful qualities of ceramic clay is that it holds temperature; Erin suggests placing ceramics in the refrigerator or freezer when serving a chilled dish without ice.


This limited-edition Erin Hupp Server is a gorgeous addition to your tableware or caviar accessory collection. Be one of a select few to own this exclusive piece!


Petra Higby and Erin Hupp

Photography by Kelly Puleio