The Caviar Co.'s Annual National Caviar Day Party in Tiburon:

When it comes to celebrating the finer things in life, The Caviar Co. certainly knows how to throw a party that leaves a lasting impression. We've all heard of bar crawls or brewery tours, but imagine a caviar crawl, an opulent journey for the most discerning palates. This year, their annual National Caviar Day Party in Tiburon soared to new heights, introducing a spectacular caviar crawl along Main Street, an event that left attendees yearning for more.

The Caviar Crawl:

On the perfect summer day in Tiburon, guests eagerly gathered at The Caviar Co.'s Champagne Lounge for the inaugural caviar crawl, an event that featured 12 businesses located on Main Street and up Ark Row. Each venue showcased The Caviar Co.'s unparalleled selection of caviar and roe sourced from around the globe. Adding a lively touch to the ambiance, a dynamic DJ and a charismatic trumpet player duo filled the air with upbeat tunes, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. The journey began with a personalized passport, a tangible symbol of the extravagant indulgence awaiting participants. As guests embarked on this gourmet adventure, they snapped Polaroid pictures and savored the exquisite taste of Moët & Chandon minis dispensed from the chic champagne vending machine.

Ark "Roe"

The first stop on this extravagant crawl led guests up Ark "Roe," a clever and fitting wordplay hinting at the delectable treats awaited them. Here, guests had the privilege of immersing themselves in The Caviar Co.'s sumptuous roe collection, complemented by traditional accompaniments. It was a true immersion into the diverse flavors and textures that only the world of roe can offer.

Highlights Along the Way:

Squalo Vino

A beloved neighborhood wine bar, treated eager crawlers to an exquisite pairing of caviar bumps and exceptional wines. This bustling stop on the crawl was a testament to the harmonious marriage of flavors.

Sam’s Anchor Cafe

An iconic waterfront establishment, elevated the humble oyster to new heights by serving freshly shucked oysters adorned with generous dollops of Classic White Sturgeon caviar.

Michael Mina’s Bungalow Kitchen

Opened its doors to guests, offering an exclusive peek behind the scenes. Executive Chef Harrison Chernick wowed attendees by crafting an unforgettable bite - a hush puppy topped with crushed avocado and Kaluga Hybrid caviar, a symphony of textures and flavors.

The Champagne Lounge Finale:

As the crawl wrapped up, guests culminated their remarkable journey at The Caviar Co.'s champagne lounge, where Moët Hennessy's exclusive champagne collection awaited. Here, these effervescent delights were thoughtfully paired with curated caviar flights and exquisite bites, masterfully crafted by Executive Chef Sharon Li. It was the perfect conclusion to the day.

Anticipation for Next Year:

As another National Caviar Day passed, guests took home half-priced caviar and basked in the memories of an unparalleled and truly decadent day. While some couldn't resist the temptation to request quarterly caviar crawls, the cherished tradition of The Caviar Co.'s National Caviar Day Party will have to suffice for now until next year, when caviar aficionados once again converge on Tiburon's Main Street.