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As a proudly woman-owned company, we are excited to celebrate International Women’s Month this March!

When sisters Petra and Saskia first founded The Caviar Co. in 2015, they knew they were entering an incredibly competitive and distinctly male-dominated industry. However, their mission to demystify the world of caviar was too important to let this deter them. With a commitment to education and transparency, our CEO Petra is making this delicacy more approachable and attainable, saying, “There’s a caviar for every day of the week, from Hackleback on a Monday afternoon to Golden Osetra on a Saturday night.”

Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Petra attended Texas Tech University where she majored in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. Upon graduation, she spent a restorative summer by the Pacific Ocean with her aunt in Carmel, California; she enjoyed her time there so much, she convinced Saskia to move to San Francisco with her. With their Bernese mountain dogs by their side, the sisters took a leap of faith and took the City by the Bay by storm. Petra soon settled into a job with a caviar company located in the Bay Area, while Saskia began working in wealth management.

Soon after, Petra took on a job working for a different caviar farm in Sacramento — that experience forever changed the course of Petra’s life. She dove in headfirst, soaking up all the caviar knowledge she could from spawning and processing to packaging, marketing, and sales.

In 2015, the sisters took their respective skills and joined forces, opening The Caviar Co. in their San Francisco apartment with a single, oversized commercial refrigerator. They grew their business by providing products wholesale to local restaurants and chefs. Today, The Caviar Co. offers caviar and roe direct to consumers nationwide, in addition to a thriving wholesale department that provides high-quality products to neighborhood and Michelin-starred restaurants across the country.

Petra now oversees the strategic direction of The Caviar Co. and is dedicated to conducting business with absolute transparency, undeniable reliability, and exceptional care for the planet. This vision is transforming a once almost mythical and out-of-reach delicacy into a realistic indulgence that anyone with an interest should be able to enjoy and savor.

Only 40% of US businesses are owned by women, despite the fact that women make up over half of the country’s population.

To Petra, her success is both tangible and symbolic, saying “It’s beyond exciting to see the company exceed expectations and continue to level up year after year. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to surround myself and partner with like-minded business women. We elevate each other and help shift the dynamics of the status quo in a way that will, hopefully, benefit everyone. It’s a dream come true.”