This was the highlight of our caviar career to say the least! We were speechless when asked to curate a caviar bar for Paris Hilton’s wedding.

For this 2-day event we hosted a traditional caviar bar and had the honor to provide caviar for the three-course dinner cooked by Wolfgang Puck. Our caviar bar offered a selection of imported caviar; Siberian Sturgeon, Kaluga Hybrid, and Osetra. We served the perfect bite of caviar on top of blini and crème fraîche, or the traditionalist had the option to indulge in a caviar bump. 

Wolfgang Puck topped our caviar on a gold-leaf Yukon Gold potato with sour cream and Paris’ favorite smoked salmon pizza.

Throughout the events the guests indulged in 17 pounds of caviar! Paris Hilton’s wedding was the emphasis of #caviardreams

Paris Hilton's wedding- Caviar and blini from The Caviar Co.
Paris Hilton's Wedding- Loaded caviar baked potato
Paris Hilton's wedding- Kim Kardashian's menu with caviar from The Caviar Co.
Oysters topped with caviar from The Caviar Co.
Caviar tins from The Caviar Co.