Become a caviar connoisseur with our virtual caviar class


Planning a Virtual Caviar Class with us is easy! Our caviar tasting kits are specially packaged and shipped overnight nationwide. Join us virtually to teach you and your guests about all things caviar.

Tastings include three 10g jars of caviar, blini, crème fraîche, mother of pearl spoons, and a tin key packed in our caviar cooler. 

TESS ROLETTI - Event & Partnership Coordinator

When we ask, "what is your favorite caviar?" most people say "Well... caviar," unaware that there are so many different kinds with various taste and texture profiles. In fact, there are 27 sturgeon species in the world!

Through our virtual caviar classes, guests are able to taste multiple caviars side-by-side and learn about the various species of sturgeon, the rich history of caviar, and farming and harvesting processes.

Book us for your next corporate happy hour, client appreciation event, or virtual get-together!

Tess Roletti- Event & Partnership Coordinator


The Caviar Co. Virtual Caviar Class- Novice Tasting Kit


Smoked Trout Roe, Hackleback, and Classic White Sturgeon

The Caviar Co. Virtual Caviar Class- Aficionado Tasting Kit


Hackleback, Classic White Sturgeon, and Siberian Sturgeon

The Caviar Co. Virtual Caviar Class- Connoisseur Tasting Kit


Hackleback, Royal White Sturgeon, and Osetra

The Caviar Co. Virtual Caviar Class- Expert Tasting Kit


Siberian Sturgeon, Kaluga Hybrid, and Osetra

The Caviar Co. Virtual Caviar Class Review