How to Enjoy Luxurious Flavors Without Breaking the Bank

Nothing says indulgence and sophistication quite like caviar and champagne. However, these delicacies' hefty price tags and intimidation often put them out of reach. Thankfully, your caviar concierge is here to break it down for you and share some "not-so-insider" information into great affordable pairings. Whether you're looking to impress guests at a dinner party or simply want to treat yourself to a special evening, you'll feel like an instant caviar and champagne connoisseur.

Why pair caviar with champagne?

Caviar and champagne have much more in common than simply being a delicious pairing.

 We often compare caviar to champagne here at The Caviar Co. One of the most commonly asked questions is what is the difference between caviar and roe, and what makes caviar "caviar." Similar to champagne, caviar must also follow a specific rule to be considered caviar. For champagne, sparkling wine can only be considered champagne if its grapes are harvested from vineyards in the Champagne region of France. As for caviar, the roe must come from one of the 28 sturgeon species worldwide.

Champagne and caviar work so well together for many reasons.

To cover the basics, when looking for a caviar pairing, you want something that balances the brine and salinity of the caviar. Champagne matches that flavor profile with its light and vibrant aromas and taste. Not only does champagne's natural aromas and taste make for the perfect caviar pairing, but its texture balances caviar's rich and oily mouthfeel. Champagne is also a fantastic palette cleanser for indulging in caviar. The bubbles act as a rinse and don't linger as long on your palette as other wines. An exquisite caviar and champagne pairing should work in tandem. The caviar should highlight the champagne, amplifying tasting notes within the wine, and vice versa.

Our favorite affordable pairings

If you're looking for an affordable pairing that still makes you say "Ah" as it hits your palette, you're in luck. We are here to provide approachable caviar and champagne options that won't break the bank. Here are three great options that will leave you and your wallet satisfied.

Smoked Trout Roe & Schramsberg Brut Rosé

1oz Smoked Trout Roe - $15

750ml Schramsberg Brut Rose - $48

Total: $63

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Paddlefish & Francis Orban Blanc De Noir

1oz Paddlefish - $40

Francis Orban Blanc De Noir - $59

Total: $99

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Classic White Sturgeon & Sanger 'Voyage 360'

1oz Classic White Sturgeon. - $60

Sanger 'Voyage 360' - $51

Total: $111

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