While the origins of National Caviar Day on July 18th remain shrouded in mystery, we're happy to dive into the intricate history of caviar to fill in the gaps.

Caviar wasn't always the epitome of luxury; it had humble beginnings. Even though Russians were farming caviar as early as 1240 AD, it wasn't until the sixteenth century that it graced royal banquets and began its journey across Europe.
Even America has its own storied past with caviar, thanks to its plentiful sturgeon population. In the nineteenth century, caviar was the go-to gratis snack in saloons, designed to make patrons thirsty for more drinks. By the twentieth century, caviar's popularity had soared globally, necessitating sustainable farming practices.

National Caviar Day has given the world the annual opportunity to appreciate the delectable eggs that this prehistoric fish has to offer. Our love for caviar and dedication to sturgeon conservation makes celebrating this delightful delicacy even more special. National Caviar Day is the perfect excuse for everyone to indulge in this regal treat and feel like royalty, if only for a day.

The Caviar Co.’s Annual Celebration in San Francisco

We have fully embraced National Caviar Day, taking it upon ourselves to host the only NCD party in San Francisco. Our initial celebrations started on the smaller side, partnering with our restaurant accounts to host intimate soirées. Year after year, we gained momentum, making the party bigger and better each July. As our annual party is paired with our biggest sale of the year (offering 50% off all caviar and roe), we always aim to exceed guests' expectations. In 2022, we found a match made in heaven with Saint Joseph’s Art Society as our party host. For the past two years, we welcomed hundreds of guests and served up 50 pounds of caviar, bottomless martinis, endless oysters, and much more at this extravagant venue. Now, for the third year in a row, we are hosting at the Art Society and throwing the bash of all bashes.

National Caviar Day Comes to Tiburon

In 2021, we opened our first tasting room and champagne lounge on Main Street in downtown Tiburon. This idyllic seaside town, a mere 20 minutes from the city, is an ideal retreat to enjoy delicious caviar and champagne. Bringing our tradition across the Golden Gate, we now host an NCD celebration at our newest venue. We hosted the Tiburon Caviar Crawl for the second consecutive year, encompassing the entire street and various local businesses. Instead of the usual bar or wine crawl, why not experience a caviar crawl? Indulge in 8 different caviars and 4 distinct roes, each uniquely paired, while enjoying champagne as you stroll through the enchanting streets of Tiburon.

As July looms and we ramp up for this year's festivities, we reminisce on our 9 years of celebrating this luxurious holiday and appreciate all that sturgeon and caviar have to offer. Although we celebrate this amazing species year-round, National Caviar Day allows everyone to eat like a king for a day. Hip, hip, caviar!