Skip the flowers and treat Mom to the ultimate indulgence this Mother’s Day – caviar! With a wide array of caviar, roe, gift sets, and accessories, The Caviar Co. has the perfect gift for delicious memories.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Caviar – We Promise.

Mom's Favorite Caviar

Known as the “Sea Butter of Caviar,” our Classic White Sturgeon caviar has a soft, medium-sized pearl with hues ranging from glistening onyx to tawny brown.

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The Perfect Pendant

From the tiny mother of pearl spoon to the black enamel representative of The Caviar Co. signature tins to the ombré brown and champagne diamonds, this pendant is luxury embodied.

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To The Hostess With The Mostess

Add to your caviar collection with Chefanie's Caviar Cocktail napkins!  The perfect addition to your caviar party.

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Cooler Gift Set

Need the perfect gift for your caviar lover? This gift set includes everything you need to enjoy caviar whether it's outside at a picnic or indoors on the dining room table. 

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Mom's Coolest Accessory

Calling all caviar lovers! Be sure to secure this limited-edition "Bump" Hat — because caviar isn't just our favorite delicacy, it's a way of life."

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The Perfect Garnish

This variation of our trout roe is cold-smoked in Pappy & Co. bourbon oak staves with apple and cherry wood chips, producing a craveable, smoky finish.

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