An Extravagant Affair: The Caviar Co.'s Annual National Caviar Day Celebration at St. Joseph's Art Society

As July unfolds, most anticipate Independence Day festivities. However, connoisseurs of the finer things have another holiday on their calendar: National Caviar Day. Year after year, they spend it with The Caviar Co., who proves to be the unrivaled host and knows how to throw one hell of a party. This year, The Caviar Co. once again outdid themselves by hosting an unforgettable celebration at the prestigious St. Joseph's Art Society, an exclusive venue founded by Ken Fulk to celebrate art and culture. The ambiance exuded sophistication, immersing guests in a world of culinary delights that lingered long after the night concluded.

Culinary Delights and Libations

The Caviar Co. specializes in sourcing the finest roe from around the world, so they know a thing or two about where to find the best ingredients. They called up their friends at Trifecta Cooks to create an incredible menu that would leave guests impressed. Trifecta Cooks is influenced by its Filipino culture, years as a chef, and the food it enjoys eating, creating elevated, non-traditional, seasonal dishes with Southeast Asian flavors. On National Caviar Day, they brought out all the stops, serving up unlimited oysters and nigiri service for party-goers. Papa Wagyu made a surprise appearance, serving his premium-grade wagyu to guests.

Bites & Bubbles

Attendees grazed on 24 feet of fine cheeses, dried fruits, and curated meats created by the always delectable San Francisco Charcuterie. Throughout the night, guests polished off over 44 pounds of caviar, all served directly from The Caviar Co.’s collection from all over the world. The 12 different varieties were served around the event on various delicious vessels. There were even caviar connoisseurs roaming around with caviar belts (yes, caviar belts), serving bumps to attendees. Delectable bites weren’t the only thing in abundance at the event; martinis and champagne were unlimited and flowing for those who attended. Chandon was this year's sponsor for bubbly and brought bottles that didn’t disappoint.

A DJ, Trumpeter, and Drag Queen

Golden Belle Music elevated the atmosphere with a DJ playing just the right tunes and a trumpeter rocking on stage and roaming the crowd to really get people off their feet. And what is National Caviar Day without our Caviar Queen? The drag performance at the art society was as fun and engaging as ever. Guests captured unforgettable moments in a 360 photo booth by SnapFiesta to make the night even more memorable. To say the least, there was never a dull moment.

The VIP Experience

Those who opted to reserve a private salon at the event gained access to even more opulence. Trifecta Cooks and Papa Wagyu served up a special menu, PlumpJack Wines poured an array of spirits for tasting, Chandon poured magnums, and to top it off, The Caviar Co. included a POUND of caviar and accouterments for each salon. VIPs were blown away by the experience and noted that they would never do National Caviar Day another way. For those looking to book a salon next year, be sure to score one early because they are limited.

Until Next Year…

The Caviar Co.'s 2023 National Caviar Day celebration at St. Joseph's Art Society wrapped with guests full of caviar, champagne, and memories. Although guests boasted about their satisfaction, they couldn’t help but wish for another party sooner than next year. Although The Caviar Co. can’t believe they have to wait another whole year to celebrate, they’ll spend it thinking up ways to outdo themselves for next year. Until next year!