Step into the world of caviar with confidence!

Whether you're cozying up for a night in or playing host to a lively soirée, navigating the sea of caviar sizing can be as tricky as mastering a perfect soufflé. But fret not; we're here to provide caviar wisdom to make your ordering process a breeze.

Let's dive right into the math (don't worry, no calculus required). We say one "bite" of caviar weighs in at approximately 3 grams. Now, multiply the number of your guests by the number of bites you envision for each attendee. Voilà! You've cracked the code to determine your caviar needs. For instance, if you're hosting a cozy dinner gathering of six and aim to allot each guest six delectable bites (6 x 6 x 3), you'll need 108 grams of caviar. Treat yourself to a 125-gram tin, or mix it up with an assortment of smaller jars for various flavors and textures.

If you saw the word “math” and immediately skipped the last paragraph, here are some quick recommendations based on our caviar sizes.

1 ounce serves 1-2 people

2 ounces serves 3-5 people

125 grams serves 6-14 people

250 grams serves 15-30 people

500 grams serves 30-60 people

Ah, now the hard decisions: one grand tin or a collection of dainty jars? Opting for a single tin exudes an air of decadence that's sure to leave your guests impressed. The classic allure of a tin with its wide mouth and shallow demeanor makes the caviar never-ending. But this option does not come without some downsides, for time is of the essence once that tin is cracked open. While we're not holding you to devouring it all in one sitting (though we wouldn't judge if you did), you've got a mere 3-4 days to savor the caviar after it’s opened.

On the other hand, embracing the charm of smaller jars offers a delightful variety of benefits. With an extended shelf life of 4-6 weeks for unopened jars, you can savor the splendor of caviar at your leisure. Plus, who can resist the allure of a caviar tasting right in the comfort of your own home?

Now, if you’re planning on cooking or garnishing with caviar, here’s some quick tips. Let’s say you're adorning deviled eggs for Easter brunch or whipping up a roe dip; remember to stick to our trusty formula for caviar portioning. Aim for a generous 3 grams per deviled egg for that perfect pop of flavor. And to all you master chefs out there, don't forget to set aside an extra ounce for yourselves—you've earned it, darling!

Bon appétit!