Pringles teamed up with us to create an unforgettable snack at the 7th annual Interscope Coachella party. Co-founder Petra Higby served up bumps of Kaluga Hybrid and topped Pringles with a dollop of sour cream and caviar. With Leonardo DiCaprio hosting, guests enjoyed the decadent caviar bumps with some of their favorite celebrities.

We partnered with Pringles for an unforgettable snack at Coachella

Petra serves up caviar-topped Pringles at Coachella.

The partnership no one knew they needed. Topping Pringles with sour cream and caviar is a stroke of genius. It's a snack you wouldn't expect to work, but it does so well. The Pringles and caviar pairing was (insert "chef's kiss") delightful. The crunchy texture of the Pringles pairs so well with the pop and umami of Kaluga Hybrid. But for those who couldn't get enough, Petra also served the Kaluga Hybrid "straight up." Surprising most guests when she offered "bumps" and then placed a dollop of caviar on their hand. Not sure what they were expecting…

Manning the Pringle's cart in her cowboy boots and caviar bandana.

Petra made sure every guest had a taste of luxury at the caviar event. With a passion for caviar, sustainability, and ethical practices, Petra shared her knowledge of the industry and history of caviar. It was a caviar Coachella moment that won't be forgotten, especially by those that got a taste of the perfect salty and crunchy snack. And, of course, with Leonardo Dicaprio as the host, we bumped into some of our favorite celebs. Although we had a major fangirl moment meeting Camilla Cabello, hanging with notorious foodie, Benny Blanco was a blast. We are grateful for Pringle's introduction and cannot wait to be a part of more events this festival season!

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Farmed Huso Dauricus/Acipenser Schrenkii, China   The closest caviar to the illustrious Beluga, our Kaluga Hybrid has it all: firmer texture, more noticeable pop, and gorgeous earthy flavor. These robust eggs have a beautiful bronze or chocolate brown color and deep umami tasting notes, making them the perfect addition to... Read More