Erin Hupp X The Caviar Co. Caviar Server

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This collaboration between Erin Hupp and The Caviar Co. was kismet — we are passionate about working with fellow women-owned businesses.

This caviar server was born out of the lack of truly artist-driven, handmade options in the market. We designed the caviar server to be versatile and it can be used in three different styles depending on your needs and the look you want to achieve.  

  1. As a stacked set, the bottom of the caviar server holds your ice, with the organic fold resting on top, holding your caviar tin or jar. Note: Our preferred way is to nestle your caviar jar or tin in rock salt to create a stunning visual.
  2. Separate the pieces and use them simultaneously! Fill the bottom portion with ice and use the top piece to hold your accoutrement- blini, chips, or latkes.
  3. The two pieces can be used as individual caviar servers to create a thoughtfully cohesive look. One of the beautiful qualities of ceramic clay is that it holds temperature; Erin Hupp always places ceramics in the refrigerator or freezer when serving a chilled dish without ice.

Serving Tip: For a caviar tasting experience, the caviar server can hold various smaller caviar jars. Indulge in our selection of caviar and roe and discover your favorite product.

Read more about this one-of-a-kind collaboration on our blog, Caviar Chronicles.


Air and heat are detrimental to caviar and roe. To maintain peak freshness, please store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator. The caviar will remain fresh for up to 4 - 6 weeks, refrigerated, and unopened.

Metal has an unpleasant effect on caviar. We recommend using mother of pearl, glass, wood, or gold for serving. Serve on ice to maintain the optimal taste and quality for you and your guests.

The best way to open your caviar tin is to use a strong, flat-edged tool between the lid and base of the tin, slowly twist. Once the caviar has been opened, please enjoy it within 4 days.