Diamond Caviar Club Membership

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For the avid caviar connoisseur, more is always more. This premium membership allows you to live luxuriously with carefully curated shipments of premium caviar sent to you every month. Plus, enjoy exclusive offerings and products only available to our Diamond Caviar Club Members. Traditional mother of pearl serving accessories will be included with your first welcome box.

This annual membership includes:

  • 12 shipments per membership year
  • Minimum 4-6 ounces of caviar included in each shipment
  • Official membership card that grants access to unique discount codes
  • 25% off all caviar and roe for every order placed online and in-store
  • 30% off all caviar and roe for every order placed online and in-store in December
  • Priority dining reservations at our Tiburon Champagne Lounge + 1 free caviar flight per month
  • 2 tickets to attend our annual National Caviar Day party in July
  • Be the first to know about exclusive events with The Caviar Co. and our partners, with discount opportunities
  • Priority access to our Caviar Concierge Service


  • Membership valid for 1 full year from activation date
  • Shipments scheduled for the first week of every month
  • Membership discount codes are for members only and cannot be shared or combined with other offers


Air and heat are detrimental to caviar and roe. To maintain peak freshness, please store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator. The caviar will remain fresh for up to 4 - 6 weeks, refrigerated, and unopened.

Metal has an unpleasant effect on caviar. We recommend using mother of pearl, glass, wood, or gold for serving. Serve on ice to maintain the optimal taste and quality for you and your guests.

The best way to open your caviar tin is to use a strong, flat-edged tool between the lid and base of the tin, slowly twist. Once the caviar has been opened, please enjoy it within 4 days.